Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fortune Teller Invitation {Cootie Catcher}

Amanda and I are planning a bachelorette weekend for my sister, Elizabeth. We choose an oriental theme and thought a fortune teller (cootie catcher) would make a unique, theme appropriate, invitation. I found instructions for folding a cootie catcher on Martha Stewart's website. There you'll also find other creative uses for these childhood staples.

As a kid, I waited with baited breath hoping for the future I dreamed of while my friends counted, opening and closing the paper creation that held my future. Will I ever Marry? How many kids will I have? Will I be a millionaire? There were many times, I must admit, that I was quite distraught by the answers I was given. 15 children?! Alone forever? I'll live as a bum? Oh my....Then of course there were the fantasies of driving a Dodge Viper and winning the lottery. Elizabeth's dreams of marriage are coming true. We are excited and can't wait to celebrate with her.

Amanda and I visited an Asian Market in College Station on Saturday. My first Asian market ever. Quiet interesting....kinda smelly, but a good cultural experience.

So, what do you think? Lay some comment love on me. I'm starting to wonder if people really read this blog! Happy Monday.


  1. You're just too clever and so good at all these things! I want to come to the party simply for the invitation!...self entertainment at its best. I envy your skills...buuuut not enough to attempt these things myself. I'll gladly leave it with you, the perfectionist professional. Ciao!

  2. I love this, great idea and great colors!

  3. I agree with Alexis... love it and GREAT colors

  4. WONDERFUL!! I love it! Very clever, cute, and fun.

  5. Did you make these fortune teller invations yourself or did you purchase them. My 7 year old daughter is wanting to may fortune teller invations for her 8 birthday, but unfortunally she has a mother who is not very creative or talented. That is way I'm looking on the internet for ideas and I love yours just what she is looking for. Any help would be greatly appricated.
    Mome in need

  6. Hi Mom In Need! Yes, I made these invitations using Adobe InDesign. They were fairly large and had to be printed on tabloid size paper. A simple alternative for you might be to create handmade invitations. Begin with a square piece of paper (maybe a fancy scrapbook paper even). Fold paper into a cootie catcher then unfold. Using my flat, unfolded sample above as a guide, fill in the appropriate information by hand. Embellish with stickers and spray glitter. You can find folding instructions here: Best of luck!



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