Monday, August 10, 2009

Bridal Shower {Nest Is Feathered}

I have trouble sleeping. So most evenings, I doodle. I think. I sketch…especially when I can’t sleep. Above is my “sketch” for the Bridal Shower I helped my sister-n-law Christy coordinate.
Remember the boxed, bird nest invitations? The shower for Kabe and Chelsea was on Sunday. Here are photos showing my favorite elements from the evening. The theme was “Feather Their Nest.” The color pallet was natural “tree/limb” inspired colors with tiny splashes of turquoise and red (their wedding colors).

It was so much fun working with Christy and Kevin. Their food is always beautiful AND tasty. The barn wood bird houses and ostrich eggs were perfect accent elements that really added to the look and feel of the event.

Based on the theme of preparing their new home, we created personalized yellow pages based on referrals from fellow church goers. The little love birds from the invitations were enlarged and each bird posed a potential “home issue.” For example: garage door service, electrical work and lawnmower sales. We asked members of the congregation to write down names and phone numbers for local businesses they’d recommend. People offered lots of advice and everyone enjoyed perusing the referrals for their own needs. I was curious about pest control and window washing referrals! Have a couple names now, so, that’s nice!

Once the little birds were written on, they were placed on the trees or on the clothes lines with tiny wooden clothes pins. Note the tiny, blue paper flower that Kevin made…beautiful! Thank you, Kevin and Christy for letting me be a part of the fun event.


  1. I just showed Collin and Corynn the pics of Marin painting and they caught a glimpse of the "food pictures." They enjoyed reminiscing about each dessert. I think each one earned the title of Corynn's "favorite". My children do relish their desserts. Thanks again for all your help in bringing this event together. I thought it was a hit and truly blessed Chelsea and Cabe. You've got a gift...:)

  2. I love this idea for a shower... it hits the right notes and keeps the focus on what is being celebrated :) You are great at what you do!!



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