Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Transformation of a Handle

During the demolition stage of our remodeling I scurried around behind Steven, saving various items I thought we might need/reuse/rework/save/frame. The historian in me wanted to make sure we salvaged items that would bring the “old” back into our home. He would rip, bang, pull and drop and I’d sift, sweep, wrap and bag. These handles are just a few of the items I have stashed away.
This week I’ve been cleaning and reworking them so that we can use them on the drawers for the closet in our master bedroom. We removed them from cabinets in the small kitchenette that was once the maid’s quarters. No employed maid in this house; just little ‘ole me. So, out went the kitchenette. The transformation of these handles was made possible by the use of ammonia, fine steel wool and glove clad hands.
I LOVE finding new uses for old items. I LOVE seeing these paint covered dirty handles transform into shiny, chic handles. And I LOVE my new closet.

1 comment:

  1. What is it about making something clean and taking all the tarnish and dirt off that is so much fun?! Maybe it's God's way of showing us a glimpse into the joy he gets from His job. I love these!



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