Sunday, August 9, 2009


What a wonderful, busy week! Steven was on kelly break so I used some sick time and worked half days Tuesday-Friday. We took advantage of the time off and worked non stop from one in the afternoon until 8 or 9 p.m. every night. We accomplished so much on the house and really had fun.

Found these tiny pieces of old wall paper on the wall in the master bathroom. That's just one thing I love about old house living. The little treasures, waiting to be discovered. Tiny pieces of the past popping up. I'm excited because I think the colors and design in this wall paper will be wonderful inspiration for the bathroom decor. The wall the paper was attached too will be left exposed. I wanted to remember what's behind new sheetrock walls and enjoy the beauty of the wood. Part of my work this week was to clean the wall and add urethane. It turned out beautiful! I'm really excited about the texture it adds to the bathroom. Don't you L-O-V-E that old light fixture. Original to the house, rewired and touched up by yours truly. (My dream job: light restoration)

Steven built solid wood, custom cabinets for our closets. The last few items to complete the project are the seven, solid wood drawers. Here he is testing the size. His work is beautiful and precise. I'm super proud of the shelving and can't WAIT to use all of the space in these wonderful closets!

OUCH! Biggest splinter ever (Steven's hand).

Remember father's day? Well here is the next stage. The plumbers did their part (note the pipes near the bottom). We did ours this weekend. Removed the old siding. Insulated the walls. Hung new siding. Below is the first stage. I'll post picture of the final product later. Once we finish our part the plumbers will be back to install the tankless water heater. Little by little!

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