Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bridal Shower {The Invitation}

My sister-n-law Christy and I are coordinating a bridal shower for a couple at church. We thought the theme “Feather Their Nest” might be fun. Now the trick is to feature the nest and not a potential egg, so that they don’t think we are pushing for children! I love a challenge.

My hands down, favorite Party Inspiration blog is Party Perfect. That’s where the inspiration for these invitations came from. Chelsea Lawrence’s Red and Aqua Baby Shower was featured on the blog last week. Her adorable, baby shower invitations were the inspiration for our bridal shower invites. When you have the option to pass out invitations it opens you up to so many possibilities. We took Chelsea’s basic idea of using yummy treats to accompany an invite. Thank you, Chelsea!

I purchased these boxes for Marin’s birthday party favors, knowing I’d find a use for the leftovers. The bird nest candies are an Easter family tradition. Typically I’d use mini Robin Egg candies, but they are seasonal and so we used chocolate covered espresso beans instead.

The invites were a big hit. I have a feeling most everyone who received one won’t have trouble remembering the date.

Oh, and speaking of Party Perfect. Marin’s birthday party was highlighted on the blog. (Thrill of all thrills!...Blushing.) Check out Party Perfect! You’ll be hooked.


  1. Love your blog! I found it through Party Perfect. I want to go sew the girlies some PJ's now. : )

  2. Congratulations on the Party Perfect highlight. Exciting! Kevin often checks out your blog over my shoulder. He thinks your posts and pics are magazine ready. I'm glad they're getting noticed.

  3. I LOVE it! Thank you so much for the inspiration credit...I thought I was pretty clever ;)

    and I adore your sticker and the overall color scheme is to die for. cute!

    And thank you for the new source for packaging supplies. Mine were from brpboxshop.com and it looks like the pricing is pretty much the same as your source - but brp ships everything UPS Ground for free! I hope you can use them in the future, too :)

    -Chelsea Alexander



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