Friday, July 10, 2009

Farewell Feathered Friends

We said goodbye to our four baby ducks yesterday. Caring for baby ducks was a fun experience and a good lesson learned. I should forever be limited to one pet. And more specifically a single cat. Anymore than that and I just can’t maintain sanity. Marin on the other hand, LOVES animals and will probably be much like her Grandma Karen. Their motto: the more the merrier. The ducks were given to a chicken farmer and will enjoy the rest of their days on a private pond about an hour from here. That makes me happy. The ducks really were sweet, and very resilient despite all of Marin’s “love” (aka holding them by one leg or by the throat….all the while mommy is repeating… “be soft Marin, be soft.”)

I was surprised how much the ducks grew and changed in just one week. Much like my baby…..Is she really a toddler?

1 comment:

  1. did you manage to get ssoooo many great pictures with 4 ducks running all over the place?!?! it's hard enough getting pics of Marin...much less Marin WITH the ducks!! :D


    But seriously...those are some awesome pictures!!



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