Saturday, July 11, 2009

Navy Baby Shower {The Details}

It's the details that make a party unique and I wanted this shower to be extra special for Amanda and Joe. The theme chosen for the shower was multi faceted. I wanted the emphasis to be on the Care Package for Joe but had so much fun tying the "package" aspect into the "bundle" in Amanda's belly. So, Airmail, Handle with Care, Contents Fragile, Care Packages and Special Delivery were all phrases for inspiration. Navy personnel are always on the move and extremely patriotic, so maps, packages, flags, and a color pallet of red, white and blue were a perfect fit. And as if that weren't enough, we celebrated during the July 4th holiday weekend. I just love it when things work out that way.

~The red and blue luggage tags were perfect party favors. I found them at Michael's. Two for $1! They are part of the "On the Go" collection. A simple insert, designed to match the invitation, was the only touch they needed. Beautiful, inexpensive and popular with the guests.
~I'd seen where Amy Atlas had adorned white straws with calligraphy flags and I was dying to copy her idea. These typical red and blue striped straws were a perfect fit for the shower and easy to find.
~I was dying to find a way to incorporate white paper boats into the shower food selection. I planned to serve Strawberry Basil Tea at the shower and apparently pistachios are a good pairing for the tea. Thus the birth of the pistachios boats. I had friendly family members volunteer to help with the shower, little did they know that meant folding paper boats. (Thank you, Kyle.) Hands down my favorite detail from the party.
~I wrapped packages in various sizes to use as decorations for the party. During my many google searches for "Airmail, handle with care, care package" I found "FRAGILE, Handle with Care" packing tape. I snatched a roll at Office Max for $5. It was a fun typographic touch and a nice visual for the theme.
~Lastly, I scoured google looking for vintage stork postcards. I wanted to add a "touch of stork" to the shower, without going overboard. Taking the postcard images, I made "postage stamp" cupcake picks. Easy to make and super cute.



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