Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anchor Point, Alaska

It's day six.

I miss you, Steven. Can you please come home now???

Looking at these pictures, I'm worried he might never return. Anybody else as jealous as I am that he is in such a beautiful place?

Photo courtesy of VSmithUK's Flickr Photostream
Photo courtesy of Klinne's Flickr Photostream.
Photo courtesy of Arctic_Photos Flickr photo stream.


  1. Yes I too am jealous and would be even more jealous if he took those pictures. I am sure him and his dad are having the trip of a lifetime. Tell him I said HI when you talk to him. ricky t

  2. AWW! i'm sure he misses you guys SOOO much even if he is in the middle of such an amazing place. i bet he wouldn't trade his "girls" for the whole wide world!!! =)



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