Friday, July 10, 2009

Amanda's Beautiful Baby Belly

Darling Child
Hello my darling, can you hear me?
I whisper to you, softly, like tiny kisses
To touch you will be like heaven on earth
You are joy, like a soft summer breeze across my face
I close my eyes and the world stops, I feel you
A soft tickle, I imagine your laughter
Warm and perfect and sweet

Send the day, advance the hour
Rest your head and curl into my arms
Hands beyond small, delicate and new
You are life made whole, made real, completed
Tiny feet, eyes that will melt my soul
If I sing to you, will you hang on my every note?
Skin so smooth and fragile, like glass
Adoring and gentle will be my touch
I imagine your cheeks, to press mine against yours
Nose to nose, butterfly kisses and dancing with you in my arms

Hurry time, fly away minutes
I say a prayer. You are our greatest blessing
Tears run like water across my face, happiness and longing
For you see, we have been waiting for you
You are mine, you are ours
And we say hello little darling

This beautiful poem was written by Amanda when I was pregnant with Marin. Thank you Amanda for such beautiful words, today I return the gift. You are a radiant and lovely mommy. I can’t wait to see the baby, that snuggles close in your belly, enjoy the touch of her mommy.
I love you,


  1. The pictures are so wonderful! Thank you so much Krystina, for everything - I am in tears! Stupid hormones! HA HA!

    I can't wait to see her! Everyday gets closer and I am getting more and more anxious. "Hurry time, fly away minutes" I just want to see her and touch her and to know she is real and not just a beautiful dream!

  2. Well Ms. photographer I really love the top 2 pictures and then my next fav is the last one on the wall. Amanda you look so beautiful with your baby belly. Nice job to the both of you. ricky t



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