Friday, September 25, 2009

Princess Long Legs

Oh, princess long legs, what have you done with my baby Marin? How I love my small toddler in a tutu. Her pink painted toe nails. Her love for dancing (jumping). And her incessant questions.
Marin: "Hey Mommy...what's that?
Me: "Ketchup, Marin."
Marin: "Oh, keeycup?"
Me: "Yep, keeycup."
Marin: "Hey Mommy...what's that?"
Me: "Milk"
Marin: "Oh, COW muck?"
Me: (Giggle) "yep, cow muck"
Steven (in the background): "No, Marin it's COW M-I-L-K"
Marin: "Oh....Hey Mommy, what's that?"


  1. VERY, VERY CUTE!!! Thank you for sharing. I love Marin's outfit and her questions. I like cow muck. :)

  2. Too cute! She is soooo big!



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