Friday, September 4, 2009

Lucky Ladies Weekend {The Details}

In sticking with the “Asian/luck/your future” theme introduced by the Fortune teller invitations, we created various Asian theme elements for the party.

Felt Fortune Cookies: We created red, felt fortune cookies that were given to Elizabeth before each “stage” of the evening. Enclosed was the next activity phrased like a typical fortune cookie. For example: “Your stress will soon be relieved by the hands of a stranger” meant that she would enjoy a 1 hr full body massage.

Custom Chop Sticks: Amanda ordered custom engraved chop sticks from Beau-coup that said: “Lucky Ladies Weekend 2009” and “Friends Stick Together.” These were placed with the paper flowers at each place setting for dinner. The chopsticks were a big hit and a fun memento.

Candy Sushi: Wanting to add an Asian theme dessert to the menu I found recipes for candy sushi; a fun, silly alternative to the real deal. We also found various cookies at an Asian market. We had no idea what they would taste like as everything on the package was in Chinese.

The Outdoor Movie: Setting up for the movie was simple. We borrowed a projector from a friend and hooked it to a laptop with an external set of speakers. All we needed was an outdoor electrical outlet. We hung a white sheet on the side of a garden shed there in the yard and framed the screen with tissue paper pom-poms, vellum shields and battery powered tea lights. A large piece of heavy duty plastic was put down under the blankets to prevent damping those that wanted to lay on the grass. An ice bucket kept the drinks cold and was visible by candle light. If you are in Texas or any southern state, fogging the yard for bugs and provide insect replant is a good idea. We did both.

Take Out Containers: We used Chinese take out containers to serve snacks during the movie. A package of 30 was only $4.95 at the Asian Market

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