Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Marvelous Master Bath {Before & After}

Posting these before and after pictures makes this project seem so condensed and easy. Ha! Before you start getting any crazy ideas about how FAST we are, let me just tell you that this was YEARS of work and patience. It's the in between photos that really show the work and money and time. Sadly I didn't do as well as I thought documenting the between stages. And well, frankly that's just not as exciting as simply comparing before and after photos

To get an idea of how much work went into this little corner click here.
See post about the custom medicine cabinets here.
And a post about the faucets we cleaned and had re chromed here.
Here is the first post about the tub and sinks being redone. 
A post about painting the floor (the first time).
This post about the shower install.
I'm tired just looking at all the work that went into this bathroom. But goodness it's lovely and I seriously feel like I LIVE in a bed and breakfast!

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