Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Old House Update {Master Bath Shower}

It's here! It's Up! And it's Beautiful!

After so many years of saving and waiting, it feels odd to walk in the bathroom and see a HUGE cultured marble shower in the corner. When giving friends and family the "house progress tour" I won't have to hold my arms out to the side, and spin around saying "and this is where the shower will go" because it's HERE!

Ready for the installation step by step?
Saturday Steven finished the wall prep work. Adalyn and Ricky were his supervisors.

Workers built a form from wood, added a liner and filled it with sakrete.
Marble base added.

One wall with the accessory center hole cut.

Both walls up. Only trim is lacking on the right.

The crew from R&D Marble in Willis Texas handled the installation. They'll be back on Monday to install the corner seat. We went back and forth about that seat. Only old people use seats in the shower right? Then I decided that shaving would be easier AND a shower might be more relaxing for my future prego self too. So, corner butt seat it is!

Next step the faucet and then the glass.

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