Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Custom Medicine Cabinets {The Final Product}

So, I don’t even want to think about how long it took us to wrap up this project, but I AM relieved and excited to say they are finished and we LOVE them! The staining portion of the project was a nightmare. Trying to stain wood an espresso color is impossible for a novice (me) and so being the smart woman that I am, after multiple layers of stain attempts, I begged Steven to take them to a professional. In the end, “Fine Touch Refinishing in Beaumont, Texas provided us with a beautiful, sealed, espresso finish on both cabinets. A huge relief and a lesson learned. There are some things that should be left to the experts!
Once the cabinets were returned, we had glass shelves cut and ordered these Glass retainers and glass retainer clips from Rockler to mount the mirrors. The antique knobs and hinges that we saved from the old cabinets were installed and Steven mounted the cabinets and lights to the wall.
Our custom cabinets turned out beautifully and I think this seemingly small project embodies how we approach The Old House.  We want to preserve antique elements in our home, but also see the advantages to new things. Thus we saved the hinges, knobs and mirrors from the old cabinet and based the new cabinet design on old dimensions and design. Goodbye lead pained cabinet. Hello espresso stained cabinet. We invested time in cleaning and refurbishing the hinges which many called us crazy for doing. We often try to do most of the work ourselves, but we also know when we’ve given the project our best shot and we aren’t afraid to call on professionals. We have expensive taste and are willing to wait to have what we really want. We could have run down to Lowes and bought a standard vanity light for the cabinets, but we/I have an appreciation for old and refurbished light fixtures so, we saved our money and waited to buy these Rufus light fixtures from Rejuventation. We are never sad when we save and wait. It’s not easy and it takes longer, but the end result always makes us happier. That’s why a medicine cabinet project that could have taken just a few months took many months. And on a grander scheme that’s why this project of remodeling our old house takes so long. We’re picky, we prefer to pre serve within reason and we’re patient (well, that part is a work in progress). Maybe I should have said we’re learning to have patience. Next up? Trimming out the bathroom. You guessed it…custom trim!


  1. Wow.....Krystina, the medicine cabinet is absolutely gorgeous! I love it! I admire your patience with "This Old House." It really is paying off! I love seeing it all come together so beautifully!! Don't ever let other ppl bother you, you & Steven know what you're doing and even we can tell that your patience shows the love & care you want put into every single meaningful project whether it be "small" or not! Congrats on adding another beautiful piece to the Evans' Masterpiece!!

  2. P.s. I miss my girls!!! Love y'all! :)



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