Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Woodstock Brown

What color are we painting the outside you ask? James Hardie Woodstock brown with Cobblestone trim and black accents. Coming to this confident decision was a long time coming and NOT and easy one to make. In February of last year when I went to visit Tasha in Virginia I spotted this house and fell in love with the color.
Tasha and I tracked down their mailing address and when I got home I composed a letter to the home owner asking if they would divulge the color of their home. Well, the letter came back as "undeliverable." So, I held on to the note and when Tasha came to visit Texas in October, I asked if she would just drop it in their mail box. Then one year later in March of 2011 the home owner responded and shared with us that it was a James Hardie siding color called Woodstock Brown! Thrilled that we had solved the mystery I requested samples of the siding from James Hardie. Lucky us, the paint our contractor is using (PPG) had code numbers on file for this color. After a color match to be sure it was what we liked a decision was made!
Here is the same house in the summer. Note the color changes depending on the lighting.
And finally the drawing I did of the outside of our house so that we could play with color combinations and accent color ideas. Do you approve? Hope so, cause we ain't changin it! What if I hate it?! Yipes...


  1. Hi, I was wondering which program you used to draw your house and then apply the james hardie color. We are building a new house and we have the house in CAD but now I'm trying to figure out how to apply the color so I can see what it looks like. One of the colors we narrowed it down to was woodstock brown but I want to see what it will look like. Any information will be helpful. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Sue, I used Adobe InDesign. Probably not typical, but it's what I use as a designer. I found SEEING the color in person, on an actual structure, was the best way to know if I liked it or not. Seeing it in different lighting as well as seasons helps too. Good luck. We've been really happy with the color.



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