Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother’s Day Story

My friend Marolyn has had a tremendously challenging year. Soon after the New Year, she was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer. This report came after months of extreme discomfort and worry. She’s since undergone various tests, treatments and even minor surgery. On top of all that, her youngest son joined the army just one week before her official diagnosis. They’ve had only brief correspondence and contact with one another. As his graduation from boot camp drew near, Marolyn grew anxious to see him. Sadly, his sergeant called to say that her son would not be graduating with his class because he had come down with pneumonia and was still in recovery. The sergeant said it would be impossible for Michael to complete his PT test and would have to test once his strength returned, delaying his return home. Now, I’m not sure how it feels to be away from your mother when she is undergoing such difficulties, but it must have been just the thing to motivate Michael. Despite the pneumonia, he passed his PT test and flew home that weekend.
Here are pictures I took of Marolyn and Michael just a few days ago. There was such tenderness between them. The bond between mother and child is a beautiful mystery, one I cherish and am always amazed by.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. God always makes a way, such a touching story, and so happy they got to take some pictures together. r



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