Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bit-O-Ouch! {Marin’s Shots}

I hate taking Marin for her immunizations. I dread it. Today was shots day.

I try to be strong and brave. I try not to project my fears to Marin, but I’m not sure it’s working.
Today she cried when they weighed her, cried when they measured her height, cried when the doctor looked in her ears, eyes, mouth and at her tummy. But she SCREAMED when they drew her blood.

The doctor recommended we have her blood tested to be sure that her iron levels were good and that she didn’t have too much lead in her system. I said okay with hesitation. It was awful. She screamed and cried. I had to hold her down, while trying to comfort her. In the moment I was searching for ways to take her mind off of what was going on, but each time I came up with something I hesitated because I didn’t want to taint our “happy thing.” Should I have sung her our favorite song? Should I have recited the ABCs? Should I have told her the story about five silly monkeys? Maybe next time I’ll have a story about Brave Baby Marin ready to recite.

When everything was said and done she was given a pony sticker and candy. They seemed to instantly bring her relief. As we left the Doctor’s office I let myself cry. With Steven at my side and tears running down my face, I carried Marin to the car. Seems Marin recovered from the incident beautifully. In the car, sucker in hand, she turned to me and asked “Okay, Mommy? You Okay?” Her tiny hand patting my shoulder as my tears ran freely. “Yes, baby Marin, Mommy is okay. I love you.”

After all of the emotions, she was ready for a nap. Yes, that's the candy in her hand. I couldn't bring myself to take it from her.


  1. OH it is SOOOO tough being a mommy, and trying to be everything our babies need from us in that moment! I totally know how you feel, as I went through the same exact thing. It is so hard to tell them that everything is going to be ok, especially when you know how they are going to react! Be proud for staying strong for Marin when she needed you to...and don't be ashamed of letting the tears run down your face after you got in the car! That is TOTALLY what I would have done!

    PS. I don't think it gets any better with age...I know...ugly truth! blah! The worst year for Ema was her 5 year old checkup - 5 shots!!

  2. Well thil old daddy got tears in his eyes just reading that, brings back memories of Hannah getting her shots, hang in there mommy K, you will do just find. So cute of Marin asking okay mommy and patting you. r

  3. Krystina, :)
    This story brings back memories of when you played mommy for me on one occasion...

    I had the strep and mom was out of town so you had to take me to the doctor. When they told us that they had to give me a shot, I could tell you got really scared. You held my hand and told me it was going to be fine. :)
    Funny thing was I think that you were more frightened by the thought of a needle than I was at the time! But, I was very happy to have you there with me. I knew that you cared about me. You took great care of me and I still appreciate what you do for me as your little sister. :)

    love you,

  4. Ha! I forgot about that! You're right. I was more afraid than you. What a wimp I am. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I've already begun to sike myself up for the next Dr visit.

  5. Oh, I know how awful those screams sound. Heard them through the walls at the clinic where I worked. Not fun for anyone involved. Glad Marin recovered so quickly!



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