Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Marin's Little Pony

Me: "No, Marin, that's not a cow, it's a horse. What does a horse say?"
Marin: "Mooooooo"
Me: "(Giggle) No, Marin a Horse says Neigh. A Cow says Moo."
Marin: "Cow? Moooo!"

Um, Yeah, so the animal identification thing can be kinda tricky to learn, I guess. But with a vocabulary of over 70 words I'd say Marin will learn the distinction soon. I'm hoping "pony" will help.

Pony is her new friend. Pony goes night, night with Marin. She dances with Marin. She explores and is pretty obedient to all of Marin's many demands.

Here are a few photos of Marin and Pony for your viewing pleasure.

Well, pony got cut out of this one, but I LOVE the quizical look on Marin's face. Classic Marin!

Thank you Angie, for such a thoughtful gift. You've given Marin hours of fun and addorable toy she absolutly loves.


  1. What darling pictures! They really do capture her imagingation and expressions. My favorite is the one with her hand on her cheek. She seems to have recovered well from the doctor's office ordeal. What about mom? Have YOU recovered? Mom

  2. :D I like the quizical one... :)

    She's ssooo darlin! ;)

  3. P.S. I also really enjoy the "converstaion" at the begining. hehehe...she's sooo cute!! AND the first photo - SO Marin! :D



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