Friday, August 2, 2013

Kindergarten {Our Final Six Weeks}

 June 24-August 2, 2013. Our Final Six Weeks of Kindergarten.
We spent more time outside studying nature and learning about bees at the library, adding to our nature books with each new discovery.
 And constructing legos.
 Daddy built these super cool water and sand tables and so the girls had tons of fun with sensory play.
 Marin completed The Beginner's Bible and we celebrated the completion of Kindergarten with Pizza. We met her grandparents at the local CiCi's Pizza and invited them over for desert so that Marin could show them everything she had learned this year. 
But the highlight of this six weeks for Marin was her week at Camp Invention.
 Marin's "Duck Stand" invention.
  Someone was REALLY proud of her gold medal. 

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