Monday, August 12, 2013

Tropical Honeymoon Shower {The Main Event}

I was asked to coordinate a shower for a couple at our church. The couple was blending two households and had more than enough "stuff." What they really wanted was money to go towards their honeymoon. So I created a tropical Honeymoon Shower. To help guest understand the concept the invitations read: "give the gift of memories made, not just things that will fade." 

Here is my initial sketch for the party. I think the final layout was just what I had in my head.
The menu included finger food type desserts that included Sand (or Beach) Cups, Fruit Skewers, White Powdered and Coconut Flaked Donuts skewered with paper straws resting in crushed graham crackers (sand) and the cake.
The cake was my design, but was created by Barbara Watts. I thought it turned out beautiful and made me smile to look at it. The origami money clothes were the same ones used to create the invitation. I just stuck a candy stick into the bottom of each one and Barbara added them to the top of the cake.
I created a "Money Palm Tree" out of toilet paper rolls, black paper and mini clothes pins. Guests could clip their money to the tree along with a slip of paper that offered wishes or advice. The couple loved the tree so much they asked to use it at the wedding reception as well.

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