Monday, August 12, 2013

Tropical Honeymoon Shower {The Invitation}

I designed this invitation for a tropical themed honeymoon shower. The couple was blending two households and had more than enough "stuff." What they really wanted was money to go towards their honeymoon. The phrase I came up with was "give the gift of memories made, not just things that will fade." I had seen origami money folded into clothing before and thought this would be a clever way to communicate that guests should bring CASH without blatantly saying that. I followed these instructions to fold the money and then scanned them into my computer along with the drink umbrella using sand colored paper as the background. I added the text and palm tree sun design using Adobe InDesign. I saved the money clothes and used them as a topper for the cake at the event. They were perfect. People responded well to the invitation and the couple had a nice wad of spending money for their trip.

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