Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar {Spice Tins}

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I know, I know, it's December 14th. A bit late for sharing my advent calendar, but well, that's life. My blog isn't the only thing that's neglected. You should see my eye brows! But things are changing, tonight I'm updating the blog. And who knows what tomorrow might bring for my face!

My friend Angie shared this Glittered Magnetic Advent Calendar from Martha Stewart which inspired this year's advent calendar. You might remember my "Advent Forest" made of paper truffle boxes last year. The paper boxes were fun, but I was looking for something more durable. And plus, who wants to do the same thing two years in a row? Gotta change things up, people. So...this year, we went PINK. Yes, that's right, with two little girls in our world now, most everything is pink. I purchased a pink artificial Christmas tree and ornaments to match. Each of these spice tins holds about three tiny ornaments. I purchased the spice tins from Specialty Bottle. The quality was wonderful and they arrived quickly! Each day Marin opens a metal tin and adds new PINK ornaments to her PINK tree. She L.O.V.E.S it! However, her Daddy and I want to throw all 25 tins out the window each time they come clattering off of the refrigerator. Yes, that's right, these pictures make the idea look and sound perfect, which it would be IF I would have used stronger magnets for the backing. I just used magnetic tape on the back and let me tell you, it's NOT strong enough. So, modifications need to be made, but who has time for that? Until next year, we'll enjoy the sounds of Marin's excitement about opening a new "number" (as she says) and the clatter of metals tins falling to the floor each time the fridge door is shut just a tad too hard.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Giraffes and Tutus {First Birthday Invitation}


I was hired by a friend to design a birthday party invitation for her daughter's first birthday. I'd never heard of a Giraffes and Tutus themed party, but LOVED the idea. The invitation design is mine, and I recommended that she order the giraffe print lined magenta envelopes from Mountain Cow. I also designed cupcake toppers and food marker cards. I asked my friend to share photos of the party and hope to post them for your viewing pleasure. Such a fun theme! Thank you, Jackie for allowing me to be a part of such an exciting milestone for your family!

Hunting Theme Baby Shower {The Main Event}


The Hunting Themed Baby Shower was on Saturday. Here are photos from the day. I thought everything turned out wonderfully and I had so much fun working with the mom to be and her family! And while I was out of my "realm" working with a hunting theme, in the end I really had fun! I couldn't find ANYTHING on the internet partaining to a Hunting Themed Baby Shower, so I'm hoping that this post will inspire others looking for a similar theme. I heard one guest at the shower say "I think the camo themed party is on the up and up." I laughed to myself. Seriously? Or just in east Texas?

These mobiles were ADDORABLE and fairly simple to make, I just cut various theme appropriate shapes from paper that matched the party color and had help attaching them to the oversized embroidery hoops using fishing string and tape. It was a simple and effective way to bring the theme to the food table.

The cardboard deer head I made from a pattern that I found on the Chronical Books Blog. The cutting was tedious, but I think it was worth the effort. He added a whimsical charm to the main table.

The cake was made by a lady in our church. I thought she did a great job replicating the cake that the mommy-to-be requested. AND it was tasty!

The centerpieces were made from logs cut in various heights. I placed a candle on the top of each on and added snow since the shower was in December. The pine cones were a nice outdoorsy addition.

With all of the recent interest in this post, I've uploaded pdf files of the various printed pieces I created for this shower. They are yours to use, just please give credit to Bit-O-Me when appropriate! Please let me know if you use the files. I'd love to see your Hunting Showers!
Mobile Pattern
Onesie Pattern
Camo print Food Markers
Animal Game
Animal Game Answers

UPDATE: I recently created a remixed version of this shower. Check it out here


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