Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advent Calendar {Spice Tins}

I know, I know, it's December 14th. A bit late for sharing my advent calendar, but well, that's life. My blog isn't the only thing that's neglected. You should see my eye brows! But things are changing, tonight I'm updating the blog. And who knows what tomorrow might bring for my face!

My friend Angie shared this Glittered Magnetic Advent Calendar from Martha Stewart which inspired this year's advent calendar. You might remember my "Advent Forest" made of paper truffle boxes last year. The paper boxes were fun, but I was looking for something more durable. And plus, who wants to do the same thing two years in a row? Gotta change things up, people. So...this year, we went PINK. Yes, that's right, with two little girls in our world now, most everything is pink. I purchased a pink artificial Christmas tree and ornaments to match. Each of these spice tins holds about three tiny ornaments. I purchased the spice tins from Specialty Bottle. The quality was wonderful and they arrived quickly! Each day Marin opens a metal tin and adds new PINK ornaments to her PINK tree. She L.O.V.E.S it! However, her Daddy and I want to throw all 25 tins out the window each time they come clattering off of the refrigerator. Yes, that's right, these pictures make the idea look and sound perfect, which it would be IF I would have used stronger magnets for the backing. I just used magnetic tape on the back and let me tell you, it's NOT strong enough. So, modifications need to be made, but who has time for that? Until next year, we'll enjoy the sounds of Marin's excitement about opening a new "number" (as she says) and the clatter of metals tins falling to the floor each time the fridge door is shut just a tad too hard.

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  1. No matter that this post was late for the holidays, love the DIY idea -- and your candid, witty writing style! I can tell this will be one fun blog to follow. :-)



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