Tuesday, September 21, 2010

UP, The Movie Themed Rehersal Dinner Party

The Spirit of Adventure was the theme for Joshua and Sarah’s Rehearsal Dinner party on Friday evening. My Mother pulled together a fun and creative party based on the “Married Life” portion of the Pixar movie “UP.” While this portion of the movie is sad, it also beautifully depicts the “adventure” of marriage. The desire for adventure in the characters of Carl and Ellie reminded us of Joshua and Sarah. Sarah has dreams of visiting far off places and Joshua is excited to go anywhere Sarah wants to be, but most of all they anticipate the joys of married life.

Here are photos from the evening. We created centerpieces for the tables that matched the "up" theme and included picture of the couple and their correspondence on their Facebook Wall posts. Each one was different. I created them in Adobe InDesign and printed them on translucent vellum paper, cut the upper portion so it looked like the balloon was floating off the page and taped them with double sided tape to create the tube. A battery powered tea light was placed inside to illuminate them. Each guests was also given a round token designed to match the theme that included menu options.

Our good friend and talented artist Cole Carter drew childlike caracturates of Joshua and Sarah which were placed on the main table along with a wooden house that Joshua made years ago. Mom added a bunch of colorful balloons to the top to create their UP home. In the movie, the destination of choice is Paradise Falls. Joshua and Sarah's next destination is Africa, so we created a similar change bottle and labeled it "Africa Fund."

It was a fun theme with endless inspiration that could be incorporated into any wedding, shower, or party. While looking for ideas I came across this BEAUTIFUL Up movie themed wedding and engagement shoot, photographed by Wildflower Photography. Visit if you are curious.

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  1. Eu adorei suas fotos =) Eu também tenho uma compota para viajar mas, nela está estrito "oi mundo!" pois, quero conhecer todos os cantos da Terra rsrs =)



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