Friday, September 24, 2010


Watching Marin and Adalyn this past week has been amazing. I know they are three years apart and Adalyn is only four months old, but you can see a friendship developing already! Adalyn lights up when Marin is around. Arms and legs wiggling her face reflecting the joy inside each time Marin dances, sings, or even screams. As I type this, Marin is bringing Adalyn the entire contents of her toy box. "Wow….TOYS!!!” Screams Marin, while Adalyn, content to chew on a green teething ring, studies Marin’s every move.

On Wednesday, they were in the floor together, when I heard Marin giggle. I looked down just in time to see Marin placing a plastic ring on Adalyn’s ear. She then proceeded to place rings on each of her own ears. More giggling (and cooing) commenced.

What a treasure to watch them grow to love each other. I know they’ll have squabbles (what sisters don’t) but I’m SO excited to see them become friends and the best of playmates. It's little treasures like this, watching your daughters become friends, that makes parenting such a joy. (That, and little girl giggles.)

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  1. As Granny, it is a joy to watch you parent these girls and to relive the joy I experienced as a mother. What a treasure! Mom



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