Saturday, October 11, 2014

Family Room {The Walls}

We finished the ceiling in the family room in January, but since then, life has taken over and we recently decided it was time to make the final push! So we've removed all of the old trim and painted the last coat of paint on the ceiling the week of October 5. We've decided to keep one wall the original wooden plank walls, so we covered that wall in plastic to keep from getting paint on it.
Once the ceiling was painted I cleaned the wall using hot water and vinegar. Six buckets of water and four kitchen sponges later, the wall is clean, and has a coat of clear satin urethane.
While brainstorming ideas for wall coverings for the other three walls, I came across this home featured in Southern Living. I immediately fell in love with the shiplap, pine-plank walls in the entryway of the home. I knew it was what we needed for the family room.
We chose to start with the french door wall. Here is the progress we've made! 
 Boards before they are hung.

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