Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reverse Easter Egg Hunting

Today we tried Reverse Easter Egg Hunting. The idea is that instead of searching for treat filled eggs, you send the kids out to search to goodies to fill their eggs with. I chose colors as our theme today and added a slip of paper to each egg with instructions to "Fill with something (insert color name here)." I gave each girl five eggs.
Logistically it was better to have the eggs inside the house in a bowl marked with their initials. They chose one egg at a time and went out to fill it. Once complete, they came in for another egg until they had a bucket filled with eggs containing colorful pieces of nature.
This was a great activity for Marin and Adalyn. Coralee wasn't interested in specific instructions, but had a great time opening and closing her eggs and following her sisters around attempting to fill her eggs with treasures from our yard.
This is something we'll do again. I think I'll try other attributes too! "Fill with something heavy," or "fill with something cold." Even "fill with live bugs" could be fun! Watch out rolly pollies.

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  1. K~ You have the funnest, yep funnest, idea's!! <3



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