Monday, May 16, 2011

Adalyn's First Birthday {The Party}

Adalyn's first birthday party was on Mother's Day. Don't ask me why I thought that was a good idea. Everything came together beautifully and all of our family was there, but it felt almost like a blur. I just tried to cram too many things in one very special day I guess.

The theme for Adalyn's birthday is depicted in the following two photos. SHE LOVES GLASSES but, isn't allowed to play with them. So what would be better than celebrating "your special day" by playing with everyone's glasses and not be scolded for it!

I purchased the polka dot, paper portion cups from In The Clear an Etsy shop with a unique selection of party supplies and filled them with red, green, blue and yellow fruits.

My friend Melinda had a stock pile of Starbucks cappuccino bottles that she let me borrow for the party. I used colored electrical tape around the tops of the bottles for people to write their names on and found color coordinating paper straws at Garnish.

Guests were asked to wear glasses to the party and if they forgot a jar full of plastic party glasses were available with a sign that read: "Make this baby smile. Wear glasses."

These traditional sweet shop paper bags came from In The Clear as well. I folded them so that they mimicked a party hat and designed stickers to seal them closed.

The cake was my design, but was executed by Bonnie Baxley of Livingston, Texas. The design was based on the party invitation and I think Bonnie did an excellent job! I made the paper faces and the tiny felt hats for the top and we used an extra pair of the glasses to accent the top. The faces were printed on edible paper at Walmart (gasp). They charged me $6.50 for a letter size sheet.

Adalyn wasn't quite sure about eating the cake and probably had more fun mashing it with a plastic spoon. After a bit of coaxing from Daddy and Aunt Christy she ate a little.

The party hats were the economy paper hats from Party City embellished with tissue paper pom poms that I made using this fabric flower pattern. This photo of Julia and Marin is one of my favorite photos from the afternoon. TOO CUTE!

Can you tell we were having fun?

Baby A and her new caterpillar from Aunt Leesa.

And finally my crazy family who enthusistically made the theme come to life. It was a VERY HAPPY birthday party for Baby Adalyn.

FREE Download: Glasses Sticker I designed for the Party are here.
I printed these on Avery 8165 full sheet lable paper and cut them out (just follow the grey outline). Enjoy!


  1. Looks amazing and so fun.. makes me laugh see A go for all those glasses, Polly does the same thing with my Dad's. I really love the fruit in the portion cups and the favour bags, they look great... off to check out that etsy store now :)
    PS I don't think we were smart having babies on or that close to mothers day!

  2. My baby loves glasses too and I LOVE that you made a whole party around it. So fun ... and those little plastic glasses are adorable!

  3. Such a creative party theme-- love it!!!

  4. Linked from Party Perfect. I lovelovelove this. So original, and while it boasts tons of style you kept it all about the birthday girl. My little man (17 months) LOVES glasses,too-it was one of his first words. Beautifully done, Mama! Off to ogle the Etsy shop.

  5. Where did you get the glasses? I can't find them anywhere! Thanks!

  6. Leah, I found them at Party City ( in the party favors section of the store. They are manufactured by Amscan Inc. You might be able to find something similar at



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