Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wedding Invitations {Jesse & Katherine}


A true test for any designer is to create something for a family member; more specifically a sister (grin). Mid way through the brainstorming and invitation drafts for Katherine and Jesse's wedding I began to think that everyone was lying when they told me I had talent. I just couldn't seem to grasp Katherine's look and feel. That's when she sent me her inspiration board...And oh how inspiring it was!

The final invitation design was inspired by her compellation of images. In the end I think she and Jesse were happy with the invitation design. The invitations are in the mail and RSVP cards arrive every day. The wedding is in less than a month and Katherine is giddy with excitement. Thank you, Katherine and Jesse for letting me be such a big part of preparing for your wedding. It really was fun working together to create something so unique to celebrate your nuptial.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

She Has Eyes!

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Just realized that all of the photos I've posted of Adalyn she has her eyes closed! Not a common phenomenon. She is a very alert baby and fights sleep like she might miss something if her eyes are closed for too long.

I loved that the photo below captured her profile in the shadow. How CUTE is that nose!?

And yesterday was a big day! Adalyn said goodbye to her umbilical cord. Hello cute little beboo.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love & Ice Cream {Wedding Shower}

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Hosting a wedding shower for my sister and her Fiancé next Sunday. Inspired by Lauren Carter we've planned an Ice Cream Sundae Shower. Above is the invitation I designed for the event. Looking for inspiration for your own sundae celebration? Visit Eat Drink Chic for the most beautiful ice cream display ever! You'll love Amy Moss and all of her creative ideas! I was strongly inspired! Will post pictures and sources after the event!

Finally...a Picture with Mommy

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I promise...posts with creative ideas an updates about the house will return...right now the source has her hands full. For now there is only time for pictures.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adalyn Christine Evans

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Born this morning @ 3:39 am 7lbs 13oz 21 inches tall. Already home….healthy and well. Overwhelmed with joy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

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Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Your path of motherhood has always been one I've felt comfortable to follow. The choices you made, the actions you took and the love that you gave unfailingly.
Today I recognize and am thankful for your patience, sacrifices and joy.
I love you, Krystina

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 40 Week Belly


Steven had to work on Monday and I was just sure that labor would start that evening. So, Katherine, Marin and I rushed out to take belly pictures. What a pair we are; my 40 week pregnant mommy hormones and an almost three year olds rambunctious silly nature. Thank you Katherine, for your perseverance and love. Life is fun.

It's Thursday. I'm still pregnant. My due date has come and gone. But Steven is home now. So we wait...patiently for Adalyn to arrive.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chandelier Restoration Complete!

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I found two brass Chandeliers at the Catholic Church Bazaar probably four years ago. I paid five dollars for each one at the time. They've been a project I work on in stages. Feels amazing to have them finished and hung! One of many things on a "before the baby arrives" checklist.

First step: dismantle and clean. Second: rewire and/or check old wiring. Third: paint with primer. Four: Find replacement parts. Thus the reason this little project was so drawn out.

The most challenging part about reworking these little beauties was finding replacement parts. Fibre drip candle covers (that had to be painted white), bell canopies (in paintable spun brass), bobeches (huh? yeah, that's what I said) in white porcelain. Crossbars, blind pendant stems and chain. Whew!
It was challenging, but fun. My dream job: to be paid for restoring antique lights. Didn't know that about me did ya? (GRIN).

Resources for Antique Lamp Restoration:
Antique Lamp Supply
Highland Lighting


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