Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Year Wedding Anniversay {World's Most Romantic Husband}

On March 25, 2000 I married Steven Evans.

On Thursday, we celebrated 10 years of marriage. With the house deadlines and my pregnancy, planning something special to celebrate fell by the wayside. I suggested a simple dinner and movie night. Steven reluctantly agreed to the simple "date night" but requested that he plan all the details. I became suspicious that he had other plans in mind when he told me to dress casual. As we pulled away from my mom's house, after leaving Marin to spend the evening with her Aunt "Biff" and "Kay, Kay" Steven presented me with the first of five "clues." Clues?! My amazing husband had created a "memories scavenger hunt." Each clue lead us to a memorable spot during our dating years. We had so much fun running around Polk County reliving our teen years and "driving" down memory lane.

The evening culminated with an exclusive dinner for two in an abandoned building in downtown Livingston. Steven had created a quiet candle light dinner complete with a display of pictures depicting various "firsts" in our relationship. Our first valentine’s day banquet. Our first symphony, winery tour, sailing excursion and pet. Our honey moon and the birth of our first child. I was completely overwhelmed by all of the thought, time, emotion and attention to detail that went into planning such a wonderful evening. I'm so extremely blessed to have such an amazing partner. Thank you Steven...I could not ask for more.


  1. What a sweet night you guys had...So happy for you! Congrats on ten years!!!!

  2. He did a fantastic job!! I'm so proud of him! Even Jesse said that he was quite impressed and how thoughtful Steven was!! :)
    and...I love the Edwin McCain reference from your wedding - I Could Not Ask For More always reminds me of you two! :)
    Congratulations on ten wonderful years and congrats on the many more to follow!!!

    Aunt KayKay

  3. This is awesome! So sweet and creative! Happy Anniversary to you both!!!


  4. This is the cutest thing that I have heard in a long time!! It seriously brought tears to my eyes so I can't imagine what it felt like for you! You are so deserving Krystina... and Congratulations on 10 great years :)



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