Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick-Or-Treat {Halloween 2009}

Marin is in love with the movie 101 Dalmatians so I thought an appropriate costume would be a Dalmatian puppy. Why the tutu you ask? Well, Marin also loves dancing, so we morphed her two loves into one costume. If a costume isn’t fun, then what’s the point…right?! We enjoyed the hospitality of friends and went on a hayride trick-or-treat expedition through Lakeside Village subdivision. Marin was the caboose of the group and was most always last to reach the door and the last one on the trailer. However, she was the first to yell “YES” when the group was asked if they wanted more candy.

Cutest moment of the night? When Jesse asked Marin if she would share her Skittles and she told him “No, my skibbles.” She would, however, gladly share her breath mints and tootsie rolls. Oh! And she LOVED the tail on her costume and was convinced everyone else had tails as well. She must have asked Steven 20 times “Daddy, do you have a tail?”

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