Saturday, October 17, 2009

Marin's first Haircut

Marin's second birthday was in July and we are really proud of the hair that she has, but it's been a long time coming! Lately I worried that she was looking, well, sort of mulletish. Can't have that! I knew it was time for a trim. I recruited our friend Sarah to cut Marin's hair, set the date and time and the "adventure" began. We set everything up in the bathroom. Sarah even bought a cute new cape with penguins on it, but Marin was suspicious and wouldn't even step foot in the bathroom. What should have been a simple 15 minute event turned into a 2 hour episode of trickery. I finally convinced Marin to let me paint her toe nails in Aunt K's room while Aunt K "played with her hair." She was clueless as we trimmed the back of her hair but the moment we worked our way around the sides she quickly identified "the bird" (aka scissors) and was insistent that she "didn't want the bird in her hair." Katherine and Sarah were real troopers! They followed Marin around the rest of the evening and worked on her hair while Marin was distracted by various object. Thanks girls for giving Marin her first MARATHON haircut. Maybe trim number two will be less work!

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