Saturday, March 10, 2012

4G Network {Coralee's Birth Announcement}

 Our family and friends waited with anticipation for the arrival of baby Evans #3. We kept the gender a surprise and so, on new years day, when Coralee Ann joined our family many giggled at the thought of our future with three girls in tow. Comments like: "Poor Steven. He's so outnumbered." "No shortage of hormones in that household." "How does it feel to be floating in a sea of estrogen?" During one such conversation, my brother-n-law, Kevin, coined the phrase "The Evans Family 4G Network." (4G aka Four Girl). I thought it would make a humorous and fun birth announcement design concept. And, as often happens, I couldn't decided which design I liked best! Here are the final two designs. I added the tag line "Life in High Speed." We are truly in for a ride!

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