Saturday, June 19, 2010

Birth Announcements for Kayakers

Adalyn will be six weeks old on Tuesday. Sending birth announcements by mail almost seems silly with today's technology. Most everyone knew about her birth and had seen photos of her within hours of her arrival. That's why I wanted to create something silly and unique but something that also depicts our new family unit.
Kayaking is something we all enjoy and are anxious to include Adalyn in our family hobby as soon as she is interested. Marin was 15 months old when she first fell in love with the sport. As you can see from the photos above, Marin wasn't thrilled with our kayaking adventure in the backyard and fell to pieces when we went we went inside to cool off instead of launching the "boat" in water. The photos were taken by my mom when Adalyn was just one week old. It was no small feat to put makeup on, get Marin dressed, the kayak and paddles set up in the yard AND keep Adalyn asleep. I was just giddy when we accomplished all of these seemingly impossible steps. The final product was just what I wanted. Bazaar, fun and I hope it makes recipients smile.
But wait there is another one...the traditionalist in me couldn't resist creating a traditional announcement using this picture of Marin and Adalyn. It was just too sweet a moment not to share. So, Adalyn has two announcements. I wish I could blame my indecisiveness on post partum emotions, but unfortunately that's me all the time, just can't seem to ever make up my mind and just choose one.

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