Friday, September 12, 2014

Fishing Baby Shower {The Main Event}

Here are photos from the baby girl fishing shower that I coordinated for a couple at our church. The parents-to-be love to fish. The colors were bright pink, orange and shades of blue and grey. The party decorations were based on the invitation design. My favorite part about the decorations were the floating fish. At one point in the evening they were actually traveling around the room! Too fun!
I created this "guest book page" and framed it (putting the glass behind it for the event). Guests wrote messages inside the little fish. The top says "Blessings for ______". Download your own copy here.
The fish were made following the "Koinobori-Japanese Flying Carp DIY"
tutorial from Squirrelly Minds
The cake design was inspired by the invitation design and was baked and created by Barbara Watts.
I created the water garland using crepe paper streamers. I cut into the streamer about 3/4 of the way in on one side while it was still rolled. Then as I unrolled the streamer I twisted it. I gathered the pieces together and tied them with blue ribbon at the corners and in the middle.
Filled little metal buckets with Swedish Fish and Gummy Worm candies.
I've created a template of the fish (download here) so that you can make your own. It's best to buy colored paper stock that is double sided because the fish spin and move when hanging from the balloons. 
Church members were asked to bring "fish theme" related food items.
Here are two super creative ideas!

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