Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pink Princess Bingo Party {The Party}

 These beautiful cakes were made by Granny (my wonderful, talented Mom) and were fit for a princess! The imperfections are because the four year old princess was involved in the decorations and had preferences as to where the wafers, marshmallows and red hots were placed. It's fitting that ice cream cones were used to create the towers as ice cream cones (minus the ice cream) are Marin's favorite snack when she is at Granny's house. My mom had seen the princess cake idea below and thought Marin would love it. After visiting with Marin about what she wanted for her birthday she insisted on a castle cake. So in true "Granny Fashion" Marin had TWO birthday cakes.
 Loved the tiny paper flag at the top. Perfect addition.
 The sugar cookies were made with cutters we found at Hobby Lobby. Princess crowns and magic slippers.
 Hand made hat and wand (smile).

 Party favors were these stripped water bottles and a princess hat for each little girl. The boys that attended were given the same bottle but in blue and a foam sword.
 I created a custom Princess Bingo game for the party. Above are the prizes the kiddos chose from when they won a round of bingo. Marin's favorite candy (dum dums), glow in the dark stars, princess stickers, tiny princess crowns and dress up rings.
 I had a poster size print of the bingo circle printed at a local print shop and glued it to a piece of foam board. The spinner was a piece of the foam board covered in black paper attached to the board using a game size spinner that I ordered from Board Game Design. Worked fairly well. Each of the kids were also given a set of two bingo cards and their own spinner to take home for more princess bingo fun.
 I splurged and purchased bottles of Lorina Sparkling Pink Lemonade from World Market. I have a serious addiction to that stuff!
Activities for the kids included this cardboard coloring castle from Hobby Lobby and the Princess Crown Pinata, also from Hobby Lobby.
It was a magical evening filled with family and close friends. What a blessing to watch my beautiful Marin grown into a lovely princess.


  1. You are such a fun, wonderful, loving mom, and a fantastic example! Thank you! I must say, you have an exceptional model and follow closely behind in her footsteps. Praise God for this family!

  2. She must have really felt like a princess with that beautiful castle cake! Beautiful!



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